JeT will waive transit fares effective Sunday, March 29, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
JeT no cobrará la tarifa del transporte público en respuesta de la pandemia de COVID-19.




The Mobility Impaired Transportation System, known as MITS, is part of Jefferson Transit. MITS provides transportation for persons with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route Jefferson Transit service. The fixed route service has designated bus stops at regular 2-block intervals along specific routes, while MITS service is curb-to-curb and demand responsive. The MITS service, also known as paratransit service, is designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including a reasonable modifications and accommodations request process. LIFT/Dial-A-Ride is a comparable paratransit service operated by the Regional Transit Authority in Orleans Parish.

Who is Eligible to Ride MITS?

MITS service is available to persons who meet specific criteria described in the ADA. Individuals are eligible for MITS service only if there is some part of the fixed route bus system that they cannot use or navigate because of a disability. An individual is eligible if he or she has a permanent, temporary, or intermittent disability as described below and if the fixed route bus system cannot provide service to a particular individual for a particular trip.

How Do I Apply to Ride MITS?

In June 2002, we implemented a new evaluation process to determine the eligibility for paratransit riders. The application (see below) must be completed in its entirety and mailed to the MITS office (see address below). Upon receipt of the completed application, a form will be forwarded to the healthcare professional specified on the healthcare professional authorization form. When MITS receives this form from the healthcare professional an in-person interview will be scheduled. All applicants are required to attend an in-person interview. Within 21 days of the interview, the applicant will be notified regarding the status his/her eligibility.

MITS Application

MITS Application – Spanish

Applications are also available by calling or writing the MITS Office and can be obtained in other formats upon request. All applicants are required to attend an in-person interview after the application and heathcare authorization forms have been received by MITS.

MITS, Jefferson Transit Paratransit Service
operated by Transdev, Inc.
118 David Drive, Metairie, Louisiana 70003
Office: (504) 889-7155
TDD: (504) 736-8483


How Much Does it Cost to Ride MITS?

As of January 2010, each MITS rider pays a fare of $3.00 for each one-way trip. The fare was recommended by the Transportation Advisory Board and approved by the Jefferson Parish Council. By law, the fare for MITS cannot exceed two times the regular fare for fixed route buses. There is no charge for a personal care attendant traveling with a MITS rider. Guests are charged the same fare as certified MITSriders. Coupon books are available in the MITS Office.

What Area Does MITS Serve?

MITS serves urbanized Jefferson Parish and a limited area of Orleans Parish. Urbanized Jefferson Parish includes the Eastbank, all developed areas north of the Hero Cutoff on the Westbank, and the Lafitte area. Areas served in Orleans Parish include Delgado Community College, the New Orleans Central Business District and the Medical Center/Tulane medical complex.

MITS riders can transfer to RTA’s paratransit service, known as the LIFT, at the Eastbank or Westbank transfer points: (1) Eastbank – Delgado Community College and Oschner Back Atrium Area; (2) Westbank Gretna/Wilty Terminal.

MITS Service Area Map