Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please go to the Contacts page and submit your question.

When is E2 Airport Route going to be fully restored?
I want to ride the bus but I won’t buy a pass until you restore service.

The E2 Airport Route now provides service to the New Orleans CBD on weekdays.

What’s the parking situation at the Gretna/Wilty terminal.
Is it free or is there a daily rate? Can you park there all day?

The parking at the Gretna/Wilty Terminal is free and you can park there all day.

Do buses stop only at the stops listed on the schedules?

No, buses generally stop every 2 blocks within Jefferson Parish. Look for the Jet bus stop sign for designated locations.

What about bus stops in New Orleans?
Do Jefferson Transit buses that enter New Orleans stop every 2 blocks also?

Jefferson Transit buses from the Westbank make a loop in the CBD (refer to the CBD route for more detail). These buses stop about every 2 blocks. Look for “mini” Jet bus stop signs for locations.

The E3 – Kenner Local Route, which travels along Claiborne Avenue to Carrollton, will let passengers off along Claiborne Avenue when traveling inbound but will not pick up any passengers. When it is traveling outbound, toward Jefferson Parish, patrons destined beyond New Orleans city limits can board upon flagging at any regular bus stop on Claiborne Avenue.

The E2 – Airport Bus, which travels along Tulane Avenue to Loyola Avenue on weekdays, picks up and drops off passengers at all regular bus stops along its route on Tulane Avenue.

What are the procedures/ requirements for applying for a position with Jefferson Transit?

Due to the layoffs created by Hurricane Katrina, it will be some time before we will be able to hire anyone not formerly employed with the company. It may be some time before all of our furloughed employees will be returned to duty.

Are all Jefferson Transit buses lift-equipped for wheelchair access?

Yes, all Jefferson Transit buses are lift-equipped buses that comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These buses also use the Talking Bus system to announce major bus stops and transfer points along each route.

What are acceptable payment options for purchasing a VIP bus pass?

The only payment option currently available is cash. For locations, refer to the Fares page.

Where can I find the E2 Airport Downtown Express bus at the airport?

The E2 Airport bus stop is on the upper level of the airport, located in the median outside Door #7 (look for the sign and bench).

How do I get from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to the French Quarter, Cruise Ship Terminal or other downtown location?

On weekdays, the E2 bus, Airport Downtown Express, will take you from the airport all the way to Tulane and Elk Place, the heart of downtown New Orleans. It’s just a short walk to the French Quarter and other downtown locations. The RTA website provides information on buses in New Orleans.

On weekends, the E2 bus only goes as far as Tulane and Carrollton. To get to downtown New Orleans you would have to catch a New Orleans RTA bus there. Please go to the RTA website for more information – norta.com.

How many suitcases can I take on the bus and is there a luggage compartment on the bus?

We have a 2 bag limit and no luggage compartment. We ask that you board, pay your fare, then walk with your suitcase to the back of the bus, and place the bag under the seat, or under your legs.

Do the buses operate on holidays?

Buses follow their Saturday schedule on holidays. Buses that do not provide Saturday service do not provide service on holidays. Please check the individual route schedules for details.