11-6-2019: E1 serves new airport, not E2. Details in Alerts section on home page.



The base fare is $1.50. The fare to cross the river or to go to the New Orleans CBD is $2.00. The fareboxes accept $1, $5, $10, $20 dollar bills and all U.S. coins and provide change in the form of a value card that can be used for future fares.

Transfers are available from the driver for 50¢. They are not valid between JeT and RTA buses (Orleans Parish). They are valid only between the lines within the system from which they are issued.


Riders who use the bus frequently can save money by using a pass. Plus, there’s no need to worry about carrying the correct change.

DAY PASS – $4.00 Good for unlimited rides within the JeT system and valid for 1 calendar day beginning the day which the card is stamped and activated. The Day Pass can be purchased ONLY onboard the busses by request from the operator.

VIP MONTHLY PASSES – $60.00 Good for unlimited rides and valid for 31 days from the time dated on the card once it is activated. The VIP Monthly Pass can be purchased at the JeT locations shown below and at the Wilty Terminal Fare Booth on the westbank. Please note that JeT’s terminal booth and facilities only accept cash for tokens and monthly passes.

REGIONAL RIDE – $6.00 Good for unlimited rides on both JeT and RTA buses and streetcars for
24 hours after the first use. The pass can be purchased aboard JeT and RTA vehicles, through
the RTA GoMobile App, and at RTA ticket vending machines. Please see the RTA’s Regional Ride page for more information on how to use the RTA GoMobile App for the Regional Ride.

Tokens – 10 for $15.00

Tokens may work better for riders who do not transfer between bus routes. Tokens are sold in rolls of 10 for $15.00. They can be purchased at the JeT locations shown below Please note that JeT’s terminal booth and facilities only accept cash for tokens and monthly passes.

Half-Fare Discount

A half-fare discount is available to riders aged 65 years and older. The base half fare is 75¢. The half fare to cross the river is $1.00. Transfers are available from the bus operators for 25¢. To receive half-fare discount, simply present a government-issued picture ID (ex: State ID, Driver’s License, or passport) to the bus operator upon boarding. This change is effective as of October 1, 2017, at which point JeT will no longer issue Half-Fare Cards. Previously-issued JeT Half-Fare Cards are still accepted.

JeT Locations

Eastbank Location:
118 David Dr.,
Metairie, LA 70003
Phone: (504) 818-1077
Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Mon – Fri)
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Westbank Location:
90 1st St.,
Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: (504) 367-7433
Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Mon – Fri)
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Gretna/Wilty Terminal Information Booth
Van Trump at Westbank Expressway.,
Gretna, LA
Phone: (504) 367-7433
Hours 8 AM – 8 PM (Mon. – Fri.)
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JeT offers extended hours at the Wilty Terminal Information Booth during the last week and the first few days of every month. 

Wilty Terminal Information Booth
2019 Hours of Operation

Jan 2 -Jan 3 6-10am & 12-8pm
Jan 4 – Jan 30 8am-8pm
Jan 31 – Feb 5 6-10am & 12-8pm
Feb 6 – Feb 27 8am-8pm
Feb 28 – Mar 5 6-10am & 12-8pm
Mar 6 – Mar 27 8am-8pm
Mar 28 – Apr 2 6-10am & 12-8pm
Apr 3 -Apr 28 8am-8pm
Apr 29 – May 2 6-10am & 12-8pm
May 3 – May 29 8am-8 pm
May 30-Jun 4 6-10am & 12-8pm
Jun 5 -Jun 26 8am-8pm
Jun 27 -Jul 2 6-10am & 12-8pm
Jul 3 – Jul 29 8am-8pm
Jul 30 – Aug 2 6-10am & 12-8pm
Aug 3 -Aug 28 8am-8pm
Aug 29 – Sep 4 6-10am & 12-8pm
Sep 5 – Sep 26 8am-8pm
Sep 27 – Oct 2 6-10am & 12-8pm
Oct 3 – Oct 29 8am-8pm
Oct 30 – Nov 1 6-10am & 12-8pm
Nov 2 – Nov 27 8am-8pm
Nov 28 – Dec 3 6-10am & 12-8pm
Dec 4 – Dec 29 8am-8pm
Dec 30 – Dec 31 6-10am & 12-8pm