The W2 Westbank Expressway route will be extended for 30 days to the Crown Point area beginning Monday October 11, 2021.
The outbound W2 bus will continue South on Lafitte-Larose Pkwy. from Pretchard Rd. to the intersection of LA-3134 and LA-45, turning around at Bayou Barn before traveling north.

Regional Ride

JeT/RTA Regional Ride

The Regional Ride allows you to easily transfer between JeT and RTA (New Orleans Regional Transit Authority) vehicles without having to purchase separate fares.

The Regional Ride costs $6.00 and can be used for unlimited rides on both systems for 24 hours after the first use. The pass can be purchased aboard JeT and RTA vehicles, through the RTA GoMobile App, and at RTA ticket vending machines.

Please see the RTA’s Regional Ride page for more information on how to use the RTA GoMobile App for the Regional Ride.

Below is a list of JeT bus routes that share some stops with RTA routes. Please note that not all stops of the RTA routes listed are served by JeT. Please see individual routes and schedules for details.

Major transfer points include:

New Orleans CBD (Loyola Ave. at Tulane Ave.)

Cemeteries Transit Center (Canal Blvd. at City Park Ave.)

Carrollton Avenue at Claiborne Avenue

Wilty Terminal (Gretna)