Jefferson Parish Transit will run Saturday-level service across the system starting Monday, Sept 13th through Thursday, September 30th. Bus service will run from 7am to 7pm. Service will be FREE through Saturday, September 18th. Bus fare collection will resume Sunday, September 19th.


Security on JeT

Jefferson Transit strives to make your experience on our transit system as safe and secure as possible. In 2008 Jefferson Transit began its quarterly Public Education Campaigns.  These campaigns are trilingual (English/Spanish/Vietnamese) and focus on messages that make the public more aware of security issues, increase their emergency awareness, and teach them how to respond in the event of a problem.

Jefferson Transit releases these campaigns through:

  • Website Messages
  • Vehicle Posters
  • Kiosk Posters
  • Vehicle Voice Annunciator Messages
  • Transit Security Outreach Days
  • Transit Security Presentations

Look for our latest campaign while riding the bus or check it out here!

Terminal Security Features

Jefferson Transit strives to make its terminals and buses safe and secure for riders.

All buses are equipped with security cameras as well as many other features to help ensure rider security and safety.  For more information on vehicle security features click here.


At the terminals Jefferson Transit:

  • Has installed security cameras throughout the terminal.
  • Has added street lighting in areas around the terminal building, kiosk area, bus bays, passenger waiting areas, and public parking areas.
  • Locks the gated kiosk and shelter area when not in use.

In addition to steps already taken, Jefferson Transit plans to:

  • Increase the number of cameras at all terminals
  • Install additional lighting at the Walkertown Terminal
  • Increase the security training for employees
  • Continue the Transit Security Public Education Campaign

The Wilty Terminal has regularly scheduled details by the Gretna Police Department, and Jefferson Parish has secured the presence of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department for the Walkertown Terminal.